If you would like to display a protocol on your website you can achieve this by embedding the protocol.

What is embedding?

Embedding is the process of adding HTML from an external source to your web page. This is typically achieved by adding a snippet of JavaScript to your page that makes a call to an external web service to obtain the HTML. Typical examples of embedding include social media buttons such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to embed your protocol

In order to embed a protocol you need to be able to change the HTML of the page you wish to embed the protocol in. Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress allow you to do this easily. If you don't use a CMS you'll need some basic knowledge of HTML and access to the codebase for the page you want to add the protocol to. To embed the protocol copy the embed url script from the protocol by clicking the copy to clipboard button.

Once copied paste the script tags into the body of the HTML page. If successful you will see the protocol in its entirety on the page.