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Authors: Stephan Christel & Mark Dopson


Trace element solution for Mineral Salts Medium (MSM, see separate protocol http://www.nature.com/protocolexchange/protocols/3809). To be added when medium is not supplied with mineral. Add 1 ml of 100x Stock TE solution into 99 ml of MSM.


  • Trace Element solution:
    • Ferric chloride hexahydrate, FeCl3 x6H2O
    • Copper sulfate pentahydrate, CuSO4 x5H2O
    • Boric acid, HBO3
    • Manganese sulfate hydrate, MnSO4 xH2O
    • Sodium molybdate dihydrate, Na2MoO4 x2H2O
    • Cobalt chloride hexahydrate, CoCl2 x6H2O
    • Zink sulfate heptahydrate, ZnSO4 x7H2O
    • Sodium selenate, Na2SeO4
  • General:
    • Sulfuric acid
    • Sodium hydroxide


  • Stirring rods
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Measuring colves
  • pH meter


For 100x Stock TE solution:

  • 1100 mg/l FeCl3 x6H2O
  • 50 mg/l CuSO4 x5H2O
  • 200 mg/l HBO3
  • 200 mg/l MnSO4 xH2O
  • 80 mg/l Na2MoO4 x2H2O
  • 60 mg/l CoCl2 x6H2O
  • 90 mg/l ZnSO4 x7H2O
  • 10 mg/l Na2SeO4

  • Add the constituents into a final volume of 1 liter of water (pH pre-adjusted to around 2.5), one at a time, dissolving before adding the next.

  • Adjust the pH to 1.5 with sulfuric acid (and/or sodium hydroxide)

  • sterile filter


about 30 minutes


  • TE solution should be clear and almost colorless. Strong coloration indicates too high pH.

  • When encountering difficulties during dissolution of a reagent, try adding some more sulfuric acid.

Author information

Stephan Christel & Mark Dopson, Systems Biology of Extreme Microorganisms, Dopson, Linnaeus University

Correspondence to: Stephan Christel ([email protected])

Source: Protocol Exchange (2015) doi:10.1038/protex.2015.032. Originally published online 24 March 2015.

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