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As Engels said, "protein is the material basis of life." Amino acids are the primary units of proteins so that there is no doubt at all amino acids are crucial.

What are amino acids? Amino acids are the basic substance of protein for animal nutrition. It is a type of organic compound containing amino groups and acid carboxyl groups. Through the unremitting efforts of generations of scientists, determination of amino acid composition was finally completed. The picture below exhibits the general form of amino acid composition:

Amino acids are also divided into left and right rotation which are similar to human's both hands, as shown in the figure below:

Advances in analytical methods for amino acids

Amino acid analysis is a method for determining the amino acid composition or quantity of proteins, peptides and other pharmaceutical preparations by physical and chemical means.

This method hydrolyzes proteins into amino acids for determination, based on different hydrolysis methods, there may be components that cannot be recovered quantitatively. Therefore, in order to fully analyze the amino acids that make up proteins, it is necessary to use them as appropriately as possible.

Development of amino acid analysis

Amino acid analysis service plays an important role in life science, food science and clinical medicine. In recent years, people pay increasing attention to the innovation and improvement of amino acid analysis method, the speed of the amino acid analysis, sensitivity and instrument automation level. Thus, the amino acid analysis method is being developed to be equipped with wide adaptability and practicability. So I need to mention the amino acid analyzer.

Amino acid analyzer is widely popularized in agriculture, food, feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries closely related with human life and health, as a consequence, this device has become quite indispensable in the field of science.

Application in agriculture and food industry :The fruits of various crops contain a certain amount of protein, and the amino acid analyzer is very effective in quantitative amino acid analysis of crops such as corn and wheat while providing reliable data and accurately identifying the quality of fruit juice and beverage.

Application in the feed industry: All kinds of feeds are prepared from different kinds of raw materials in a certain proportion. The content of essential amino acids and their proportion must be appropriate to meet the needs of livestock and poultry's protein synthesis. The amino acid analyzer determine the content of amino acids in raw materials and products, and supervise the quality of products so as to ensure the quality, while preventing fake and inferior products from entering the market.

Application in medicine: Protein is often called the carrier of life but cannot be directly absorbed in the human body. By digestive enzymes, which break down high molecular proteins into low molecular peptides or amino acids, then absorbed in the small intestine. The amino acid metabolism in body stays a dynamic equilibrium state, using these amino acids to synthesize its own proteins.Our need for protein is actually need for amino acids. Therefore, amino acids are the first element of life, so that the detection of amino acids and quantitative amino acid analysis are very important in the medical field.

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