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A brief talk on the cell viability

In the cell population, there are always some cells that die for their own adme or a variety of other causes, and the ratio of the remaining living cells to the total number of cells is cell vitality.

Determination of cell viability and proliferation is important in the field of cell related research. Cell viability is a measure of the health of cells, which is essential for any cell research. Cell proliferation is quantitatively used to determine the optimal culture conditions and to study the cytotoxicity assay mediated by selected therapies. We provided sulfanilamide Dove B detection in an effective way , and detected cell viability and proliferation in a high throughput and sensitive manner by MTT assay.

Isolation of cells from tissues to examine the viability of cells in order to understand the process of separation.

The methods of cell activity determination include trypan blue staining, colony formation, 3H radioisotope incorporation, MTT method, etc. Among them, the MTT method is widely used because of its fast and simple features, no need for special testing equipment, no radioisotope, and suitable for mass detection.

However, the Formazan formed by MTT method is water insoluble and needs to be dissolved with organic solvents. Because of the removal of the supernatant, it may take away the small part of the Formazan, so sometimes the repeatability is slightly worse. To solve this problem, researchers have developed many water-soluble tetrazolium salts such as XTT, CCK-8 (WST-8) and so on.

Life is a continuous process from generation to generation, so it is a process of constantly updating and starting from scratch. The life of a cell begins with the division of its mother cell, ending in the formation of its daughter cells, or the cell's own death. Subcellular formation is usually used as a sign of the end of a cell division. The cell cycle refers to the process from a cell division to the formation of a subcell to the next cell division to form a subcell. In this process, the genetic material of the cell is duplicated and distributed equally to two daughter cells.

Whether it has a damage effect. After resuscitation, cells must also check cell viability and understand the effects of cryopreservation and resuscitation.

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